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12 August 2013

A Look At Tom Phillips from 'Moving On: With His Handy Man' ( @EroticWritings @evernightpub #erom #LGBT )

Today we have Tom Phillips visiting from the story Moving On: With His Handy Man. Moving On is the series title and With His Handy Man is the book that launches the series and my writing of gay fiction. There are plenty more planned that will cross different genres but all with the theme of a main character moving on from a past relationship. Welcome!

Tom, what would you like to tell readers about yourself? For instance, Where are you from? Do you have an interesting job? What brought you to the setting/point in the story where you come in? Etcetera...
* Telling someone about oneself is always the hard part isn’t it? The questions make me think of online dating and having to write an ad with all your best features laid out. I don’t think I would have been very good at that so I’m glad I don’t have to. Sorry, I’m jumping ahead, yes the questions. Here goes.
* I’m Tom, a fairly normal sort of bloke, from London originally but living and fairly settled in Suffolk for some time now. Up until recently I owned and ran a property management company, with my ex- partner Liam. And that’s where the story starts I guess. Liam and I used to be partners in every sense, till our relationship ended. It was a bit of a blow to be honest. It would be strange if it wasn’t after being together nine years. But it was also that I hadn’t really known anything was wrong, we were comfortable together, he just wanted something more. The tricky part was I still had to see him all the time at work, neither of us wanted to leave the business. I imagine it’s a bit like if you have kids together. So it was all semi-amicable for the sake of the company, then a year on Liam decides to tell me he’s seeing someone else and wants to move. Suddenly feelings that I hadn’t known were brewing away all came clear. I realized I really didn’t want Liam back, I wanted my own life back. It was time to move on and focus on what I did want: to be with someone I wanted, who wanted me. There was only one man this could possibly be, Jax.

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
* I think I worry a lot about how people see me, so I always try to create a good impression. Being a bit of an introvert I worry that people think I’m too quiet or boring. At the end of the day I’m happy with myself though and that’s what matters.

Is humor important? Why or why not?
* Humor is so important, that’s something I’ve recently discovered, because the more you can laugh with people the happier you feel, it’s that simple.

Does your author ever try to take over the story? And how do you deal with it?
* My author likes to think they’re me, which is great when we connect over shared experiences and stuff, but sometimes I have to shout out and say “Look I’m not you, I wouldn’t do that. This is my story, so that’s not going to happen. Let me have my say, my way.” Even so…

What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
* I’m grinning here, because the number of great sexual experiences I’ve had keeps growing since getting together with Jax. This week we went night paintballing. Not the most romantic activity you might think, especially when you’re wearing overalls, sloshing through mud and getting shot at, but when you’re laying low in a bunker, out of sight, and your boyfriend steals in behind you and presses you further to the ground with the weight of his body, his erection rubbing insistently against your buttocks it’s a whole different story. Luckily not one where we got caught!

If you were to spend a day with a reader, what would you two do together?
* Paintballing? Just kidding! I’d probably be quizzing them, because since Liam and I sold the business I’ve taken up writing. Just so they didn’t notice I’d take them wherever they liked, fancy restaurant maybe.

Where do you see yourself in the future? What do you hope to accomplish?
* Being Happy.
* With Jax!
* Bit more travel.
* It’d also be nice to be able to make some money as writer, although I’ll continue to enjoy the creative outlet regardless.
* Something that changes the world for the better, I just haven’t worked out what yet.

Now for some author information!
* My author is Morgan King.
* Bio: Hi, I’m Morgan, well actually it’s a pen name, having a secret identity makes me feel a little like an important spy, which is always a good way to start the day! I picked Morgan King based on first pet followed by first street, supposedly my porn star name.
* I’m also a mother to a beautiful five year old, so when the characters aren’t having conversations in my head I’m voicing the character of a witch, dragon, pirate or possibly knight. Yes, I always get to be the bad guy for some reason!
* Then there’s the day job, I work as a senior manager for a charity, which is both challenging and rewarding.
* And oh yes I’m British, living in rural Norfolk.

You can find my author, Morgan King, here...
Website | Facebook | Facebook Fan Page | Twitter | Goodreads

Now for some book information!
A look into the story

~ Blurb ~
* Tom is gutted when his business partner and ex- boyfriend Liam tells him he is seeing someone else. Tom and Liam’s relationship has been over for more than year, but it is this news that convinces Tom it is time to move on with his own life and he finally finds he courage to do something out of character: ask the handyman out.
* Jax hasn’t tried to hide the fact that he’s smitten with Tom and he’s thrilled that Tom has finally put Liam to one side and is showing an interest in him. He’ll grab his chance to date Tom with both hands! However, he likes Tom enough to want to be more than just a rebound fling.
* Can Tom truly let go off his feelings for Liam, and will Jax have a chance to win the battered and bruised heart of his boss?
Be Warned: m/m sex

~ Excerpt ~
* “I don’t mind being the guy you experiment with, even if it’s rebound, even if it’s tit for tat with Liam for finding someone else, as long as that’s not all it is. I really like you, if that wasn’t obvious enough.” Jax said.
* Tom gave a sigh of relief, “I really like you, too, and thank you for saying yes.”
* “I’m sure it should be me thanking you. You are my superior after all. I’m just the handy man.”
* Flirting, I can do this. “And a very fine handy man you are, too.” If he’d been typing Tom would have added a winking emoticon, but as it was he couldn’t pull the real thing off, so he’d just have to hope Jax got the message.
* “Perhaps you’d let me thank you and demonstrate just how handy I am.” Jax walked towards Tom as he spoke, not just right up to the other side of the desk, but all around it, invading Tom’s personal space, so that Tom had to lean back to look up. That was until Jax got down on his knees in front of him.
* Was Jax doing what Tom thought he was? Hoped he was?

Buy Moving On: With His Handy Man here...
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Thank you for joining us here today, Tom Phillips! It was a pleasure getting to know about you, the story you're in, and your author.

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