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16 April 2014

A Look At Kai Shepherd from 'Extreme Heat' ~ @JewelQuinlan @evernightpub #rotg #newadult

..Today we have Kai Shepherd visiting from the story Extreme Heat. Welcome!

..Kai Shepherd, what would you like to tell readers about yourself?
......I’m from outside of Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in a small town there. After graduation I picked up a few sponsors and went pro as a kiteboarder. That’s what I do full-time and I love it. I’ve been to some amazing countries for competitions and can’t imagine doing anything else.
......The story Jewel Quinlan wrote is about the time when I ran into Chloe Gaige. She was my dream girl when I was young so it was a real surprise to run into her after five years at one of my kiteboarding competitions. There was no way I was going to let her slip through my fingers again.

..Does your author ever try to take over the story? And how do you deal with it?
......Jewel is pretty good about staying out of it. With her I have the opposite problem. She really gets into my inner thoughts and some private moments. Most of the time I’m too busy to notice her lurking around, kiteboarding competitions take all my focus and so does Chloe. It’s only later, when I read her work, that I get embarrassed about some of the things she’s picked up shared. It’s okay though, she’s got a job to do so I understand.

..If you were taken out of the story and placed into your author’s world, what would be the first thing you’d do?
......I think I’d take Jewel out for a beer (Fosters of course) to thank her for doing such a good job. And then I would check out the beaches to see where there might be some good spots for kiteboarding.

..If you could pull your author into your world, what do you think would happen to them?
......Jewel would love it in my world. She’s told me she likes to travel. The three of us could go see some of the sights in Morrocco. I think she and Chloe would get along really well since they are both shy at heart. I also think Luke would pick up on Jewel, he has a thing for brunettes.

..What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
......That’s easy, it was my first time with Chloe. We were in a hammock…I probably shouldn’t say any more.

..Now for some author information!
......My author is Jewel Quinlan. From a young age, Jewel Quinlan had an abundant imagination and strong desire to write novels. She particularly enjoys writing paranormal and fantasy romance. An avid traveler, she has visited fifteen countries so far (which she enjoys using as settings in her novels) and has plans to see more of the world. She has a particular fondness for Bavaria and studies the German language as one of her hobbies. During the day, she works as a pharmaceutical sales representative and, at night, she writes romance. She currently lives in Orange County, California with her two dogs; Shimmer and Penny.

You can find my author, Jewel Quinlan, here...
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon Author Page | Goodreads

Now for some book information!
A look into the story
~ Blurb ~
......When photographer Chloe Gaige gets assigned to cover the Pro Kiteboarding finals in Morocco she never expects to run into her childhood crush. Back then, their age difference is what caused her to pull away. Would he resent her for how she treated him back then?
......Fully grown, pro kiteboarder Kai Shephard is a tough competitor used to going after what he wants…and getting it. When he catches sight of Chloe in the crowd with her camera, nothing can stop him from trying to be with her again. Except Chloe, that is. Would she see him for the man he is now?
~ Excerpt ~
......“I’m glad you’re here, Chloe.”
......“You are?”
......He turned his head toward her and looked into her eyes, his hands pressed into her back, drawing her closer. “Because I’ve thought of that night hundreds of times.” His words were loaded with meaning.
......Chloe skimmed her eyes over his handsome face. He was positively smoldering with emotion. She swallowed hard. This was the moment, the one she would never forget. Her eyes locked on his and her mind churned over the different signals and sensations her body was picking up.
......“Have you?” he whispered.
......They were so close. His lips were right there, and he could kiss her any second. His deep, dark eyes were drawing her in.
......She nodded.
......He lay still, waiting, but she said nothing more. “You have to give me more than that,” he said. “I still don’t know what happened. I thought you liked it when I kissed you.”
......Anxiety filled her. It was time to come clean. What would he think of her reasons? How would he see her after she admitted what a weak person she was? “I did,” she said blurted. “It was just….”
......His clasp on her back remained firm and he turned his body to face hers so their fronts were pressed together. “Just what?”
......Chloe could feel her face filling with the heat of embarrassment. Did he really want to talk about it? “It was just…school and my friends and….” She stopped and buried her face in his chest, not wanting to say anything more. He smelled so good. The warm scent of athletic male and ocean breeze.
......He grasped her chin with his hand and lifted her face. “What else?”
......Looked like she wasn’t going to be able to get out of explaining.

Buy Extreme Heat here...
Evernight Publishing | Amazon | All Romance eBooks | Barnes & Noble | BookStrand | Goodreads

..Thank you for joining us here today, Kai Shepherd! It was a pleasure getting to know about you, the story you're in, and your author, Jewel Quinlan.

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