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22 September 2014

A Look At Elizabeth Monvey & 'Dark Rider' @evernightpub #gay #erotic

Today we have author Elizabeth Monvey visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourself?
* Elizabeth Monvey is the pseudonym for a single mother from Los Angeles. She writes manlove stories, where the hero meets the man of his dreams because happily ever after is one of her favorite things.
* I finally have a blog! I’ve been really slow getting my social media up and running, but no more! I’m going to try to have lots of content on my blog so please stop by often: Or friend me on Facebook for updates:

What book are you going to tell us about today? Is it part of a series? If so, what's the order the books should be read in?
* Dark Rider is a stand-alone book that may have a sequel at some point in the future. It’s a M/M/M fantasy piece and I got inspiration from some of my favorite fantasy authors, namely Lynn Flewelling and Judith Tarr.

How'd you/your muse come up with this story?
* This story is part of a larger book I wrote years ago. I decided to chop it down for Evernight Publishing’s Planet Alpha series, but it was turned down. They did offer me a contract on it as a fantasy story, so I quickly agreed since it had been written that way originally.

Describe hero #1 in five words.
* Cax: Mercenary, dedicated, strong, focused, sexy

Describe the hero #2 in five words.
* Hark: confused, angry, frustrated, in love

Ménage/multiple partners - hero #3 describe in five words.
* Alisander: servant, loyal, loves both men

Who's your favorite character in the book & why?
* I’m very partial to Cax. I loved making up the Mercenary Guild. He’s slightly mysterious, world weary, and ruthless.

What's your favorite line in the story?
* I think it would have to be this one: “Destiny has many hands, Ali, and yours is an easy fit. Take the one it dealt you.” This book is fate verses life, and both Alisander and Hark want to rebel against the hand given to them. Once Cax says this to Alisander, his attitude changes, and then that bleeds into Hark’s.

A look into the story
~ Blurb ~
* When Lord Hark is stabbed, his uncle, the Govenor of Eyvindar, hires a Mercenary to protect his heir. Hark resents having a babysitter but when he meets Cax he’s unprepared for the spark of attraction between them.
* Cax is a Mercenary, living by the code of his Guild. He is hired to protect Hark, even though it seems Hark’s biggest enemy is himself as he drowns in moon-ivy wine every day. But Cax can’t deny his attraction to the warrior, nor can he deny his attraction to Hark’s loyal servant, Alisander.
* Alisander has been by Hark’s side almost his whole life. He is in love with him, but when he meets Cax he sees a future away from the servant life he’s been confined to.
* They are from different aspects in life but manage to find love. Yet they need to discover the threat moving in on Hark, before it’s too late.
~ Excerpt ~
* Hark held open his arms, and Alisander started removing the sash and belt from around Hark's waist.
* "You need to apologize."
* “Don’t start again, Ali. You’ve had sex with him.”
* Alisander kept his eyes on his task and didn’t answer. “Is that any of your business?”
* Hark stopped him. Alisander looked up at him with those sky blue eyes of his, and Hark felt the punch all the way to his soul. “Yes, it is.”
* And this time, Alisander really looked at him, perhaps for the first time in all their years together.
* “Lord—”
* “No,” Hark said, shaking his head. “If I’m going to lose you then at least call me by my name.”
* “Hark,” Alisander said softly.
* “Say it again.”
* “Hark.”
* Hark reached out and traced a finger over his smooth skin. “Ali.”
* “I thought you didn’t want me. I thought—”
* Hark placed a finger over his mouth. “I’ve always wanted you. I just can’t have you. I don’t want you to leave my side, but I know it’s selfish of me to hold you back from something better.”

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Thank you for joining us here today, Elizabeth Monvey! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.

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