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31 March 2012

Impromptu Contest! A ‘Thank You’ to my followers/readers ~ a chance for a print book!

Hi all! I noticed I’ve hit 100 followers on my blog. Thank you all so much for your support!
    In celebration of this milestone, I’m holding a contest where one lucky reader’s name will be drawn and s/he can win a signed print copy of Wild West Weekend!
    Here are the particulars to enter this contest. Each thing you do from the list below counts as an entry! You must also supply me with your first name, last initial and email address either through a comment on the blog, email or Facebook message for any of your entries to count. Contest ends Friday, April 6 at 5:59 pm pacific. The lucky winner’s name will be drawn on Friday, April 6 after 6 pm pacific time & winner will be emailed to discuss details. (International respondents are welcome to enter!) ~
      --- Comment on any one 2012 post. (and/or)
      --- Follow this blog. [That is, if you haven’t already. ;) ] (and/or)
      --- Follow [That is, if you haven’t already. ;) ] (and/or)
      --- Follow me on Facebook at [That is, if you haven’t already. ;) ] (and/or)
      --- Email me at C.R. Moss e-mail and tell me what you like about my blog(s). (If you email me and tell me that you read one of my books and say what you enjoyed about it, I’ll give you an extra entry.) (and/or)
      --- Follow me on Twitter at!/CRMoss. [That is, if you haven’t already. ;) ]

Good Luck & Happy Reading!
C.R. Moss


Michelle said...

Thanks for the contest, would love a signed copy of Wild West Weekend.

C. Moss said...

Congrats, Michelle! You won! Yay! ::tossing confetti::
You've been emailed.