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01 April 2012

Six Sentence Sunday for Apr. 1 ~ Sunset Desires ( #sixsunday @6_Sunday @DecadentPub )

Six Sentences from Sunset Desires

“I hear your fantasy is to be on a tropical island.” Evan glanced off to the left where a large picture window framed the beach and water. “We have that part covered.” He stood behind her, their bodies an inch—maybe two—apart, returning his gaze to hers in the mirror. “That you wanted to be picked up by a handsome guy and by the looks I’ve been getting from you, I seem to have your approval.” Brushing a lock of hair behind her ear, he whispered, “And that you wanted to be in a private location for an erotic assignation. ...

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Silver James said...

Wow! What a way to leave the reader hanging! dot dot dot. Yeah, I'd say things are about to get really steamy for your heroine. Great lead in, C.

patonlorraine said...

All her fantasies coming true... nice! I could go for that. ;)

Alix Cameron said...

Great snippet, I want to read more.

Jeanette said...

Teasing and sexy. Nice six.

Ileandra Young said...

Mhmmm, I want to hear more about this fantasy coming true!