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29 April 2012

Six Sentence Sunday for Apr. 29 ~ Sunset Desires ( #sixsunday @6_Sunday @DecadentPub )

Six Sentences from Sunset Desires

    “Why? Is there more?”
    Gwen froze, trying to keep her expression neutral since he still fixated on her via the reflection. She couldn’t tell him, didn’t want to tell him about the rest of her silly dreams. His uncle had paid for his set up just as Heather had paid for hers. He’d said he’d saved up for the room and outfit. It wasn’t like he had money and could fulfill her whole fantasy, so why bring it up?

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Jessica Subject said...

Oh, but the date is all about fulfilling fantasies. Nice six! :)

patonlorraine said...

I feel like he is going to find out. :)